Starting Off The Year Strong

This blog post was written by Liz Solomon, Publicity Chair.

Hello! After a short hiatus from the blog world, the Mizzou Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi blog is back! Lots has been going on with the sisters, including achieving the first-ever Panhellenic Associate membership at MU. We worked so hard for this amazing opportunity, and we’re excited to contribute to the Greek community here on campus through philanthropy, community service collaboration and social events!

Another benchmark happened last semester, as well— our new member class got the highest new member grades out of all of the sororities! Congratulations to: Francine Gollub, Emily Shank and Sherri Mankofsky.

We started off this school year with a pool party at Treasurer Cayla Slaughter’s house, and since then we’ve been doing lots of community service, sorority & fraternity philanthropy participation, programming and fundraising! And speaking of fundraising…


The sisters are in the middle of a new fundraiser. The fundraiser, selling chocolate-covered strawberries, is just in time for Valentine’s Day! We have been taking orders for the strawberries and are now in the process of making them. It has been a great fundraiser with lots of positive response, and we hope to do it again next year.


Keep an eye on the blog for more posts about our events and progresses— and the Executive Board will be contributing, too. In the meantime, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook! Sigma love!

Murder Mystery Dinner

This was one of the most anticipated events of the semester because it was something brand new and exciting for all Sigmas together. Each girl is given a famous character to impersonate and attends the night in full Hollywood wardrobe and ready to act out the part. It is truly a night full of class, mystery and fun.

Congratulations to Bari Bates who won super-sluth and Becca Sakin who won best actress.


This is the second year we have gone to the Shyrocks Callaway Cornmaze. It is a really fun seasonal event, where we divide into small groups and try and complete as much of the maze as we can. This is one event that lots of girls favor because it is a really casual atmosphere and extremely fun at the same time, usually it is also accompanied by a beautiful day outdoors.

Making dinner for the Ronald McDonald House

On September 25 the women of the lambda chapter of Sigma AEPi made dinner for the families who live in the Ronald McDonald House of Mid Missouri.These families spend most of the day at the hospital caring for their sick children, so making a home cooked meal is not on their list of things to do. We made breakfast for dinner, which included pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon.

Bigs and Littles

The Sigma Ladies of the University of Missouri congratulate the brand new bigs and littles for this semester.

  • Rachel Solomon-Cayla Slaughter
  • Merrill Reiter-Molly Yarosh
  • Shaina Berger-Sami Tarson
  • Lauren Millner-Taylor Werthauser
  • Megan Roberts-Jill Epstein
  • Becca Amitin-Julie Newmark
  • Michelle Benaim-Chelsea Kaplan
  • Jessica Silver-Lainie Barron
  • Bari Bates-Emily Schiffman
  • Belinda Kocen-Liz Solomon
  • Lauren Kelley-Jamie Ratner
  • Phylicia Geraty-Becca Sakin

Congratulations ladies.

Ordering Paraphernalia

If you would like to order Sigma gear if you are a Sigma or for the special Sigma in your life here’s how.

  1. Go to
  2. Pick out what you want to order
  3. When you pick your item write our 4 letters in the additional instructions section  *the letters will be smaller than the example because we have 4 letters
  4. When you check out put in our chapter code:  G243

All orders will ship to paraphernalia chair Rachel Levin on Oct. 20, so shipping is free.